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Heart of the Dojo Podcasts — Where we explore what lies are the core of the dojo. The people, techniques, concepts, and all that makes up the martial art of Aikido we practice. 


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Traveling to Japan, EP3

September 19, 2022
Japan is magical, interesting place with so much to see and experience. If you're planning a visit to Japan (whether it's your first time or you've been many times), how can you make the most of your trip? In this episode of the Heart of the Dojo podcast, we share our tips from personal experience -- how to prepare and plan, plus stories about our preconceptions that changed once we arrived. And our favorite not-to-be-missed sights and experiences!

Aikido Styles: Should you stay with one or is it OK to explore others? EP2

September 12, 2022
Aikido Styles: Should you stay with one or is it OK to explore others? As you train in Aikido, is it better to stay with your own dojo’s teaching and lineage of techniques? Can it be beneficial to attend seminars and learn new techniques or approaches to add to your training? In this episode of the Heart of the Dojo podcast we discuss pros, cons, and things to consider depending where you are in your training. Plus memories from a few seminars, takeaways, and stories along the way.

Testing in Aikido: 3 key elements to elevate your Aikido, EP1

August 15, 2022
Good technique is important in your Aikido test, no matter what level you’re testing for. But focusing on Zanshin, martialness, and defining your techniques can help elevate your Aikido for your test… and your ongoing practice. Join us for our inaugural Heart of the Dojo podcast with Andrew Blevins, Les Steveson, and Kara Stewart from the Kiryu Aikido instructor team, as they share their perspectives (and a few stories) on these topics.