Deshi Corner

  • What’s a Deshi?

    Deshi is the Japanese word for “student.” But, like many concepts in Japanese martial arts, the notion of what it means to be an Aikido student goes a little deeper than it might appear on the surface. Being a deshi means more than attending class regularly, although that is the first requirement. Without a commitment […]

  • FAQ Aikido

    FAQ | Aikido Q. Do I need to be young or in good shape to practice Aikido? A. Aikido is truly an art for all ages and people. Students have started Aikido well into the second half of their life, and its techniques can be modified as the student gets older or experiences physical restrictions. […]

  • Glossary/Phrases/Counting

    Basic Ai – Harmony. First character of Aikido. Aihanmi – Both partners having same foot (right or left) forward Aiki – Harmonizing of Ki Aikido – Ai means harmony or coming together. Ki is spirit or energy. Do means a way or path Aikidoka – Practitioners of Aikido Aikikai – The names of organizations affiliated […]

  • Basic Etiquette Tips

    Proper observance of etiquette is as much a part of your training as is learning techniques. In many cases observing proper etiquette requires one to set aside one’s pride or comfort. Nor should matters of etiquette be considered of importance only in the dojo. Standards of etiquette may vary somewhat from one dojo or organization […]

  • Kiryu Aikido Weapons (Buki) Program

    Level I Buki Handling How to carry weapons How to hold weapons How to remove from wall How to put down Kamaes with Jo/Ken (Go Gyou No Kamae) Chudan no Kamae Geidan no Kamae Hasso no Kamae Jodan no Kamae Waki Gamae Ken Strikes Menuchi (Static, Sliding) Yokomen Tsuki Level II Can do any of […]

  • Testing Requirements

    Kiryu Aikido follows the examination and testing requirements of Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Tests are generally held twice a year, in fall and spring. PDF to follow

  • New Student Practice Tips

    When you make the decision to begin your Aikido practice, first take a moment to congratulate yourself. Many people might think about starting Aikido, but for whatever reason, they do not follow through. You have taken a huge step by signing up for class, and you can be proud of that. As you prepare yourself […]

  • Getting Started at Kiryu

    It’s easy to get started as a new student with Kiryu Aikido. The dojo calendar shows classes at each dojo. Just arrive a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork, and you’re ready to practice. If you’d like to try one free class or watch a class before you decide to join the dojo, […]