New Student Practice Tips

Share the Journey

When you make the decision to begin your Aikido practice, first take a moment to congratulate yourself. Many people might think about starting Aikido, but for whatever reason, they do not follow through. You have taken a huge step by signing up for class, and you can be proud of that.

As you prepare yourself for your first class, you may be nervous. This is completely normal and understandable. Remember: courage is not the absence of fear. It is recognizing the fear and moving forward anyway.

You can channel this energy into making a commitment to yourself and to your practice. We suggest clearing your schedule for the next six weeks so that you can attend as many classes as possible. The more often you can practice, the more quickly you will become more comfortable with the new movements.

In addition, we encourage students to think longer-term about their practice. It’s difficult to gauge whether Aikido is for you after just one or two classes. We encourage you to give it an honest try for several weeks or even a year. That is why we offer the six-week beginner program—to help students develop the habit of regular practice and a longer-term view of practicing for the sake of practice.

We’ve seen that, as with anything in life, the students who get the most out of their practice and improve to best of their abilities are those who begin to fit their life around their Aikido practice rather than fit their Aikido practice into their life. As with any endeavor, whether it’s playing an instrument or painting or public speaking, consistent practice is the biggest ingredient of success.