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Kiryu Aikido is extremely fortunate and honored to have Kei Izawa Sensei as our dojo mentor and guide. Over several years, our dojo has benefitted greatly from his guidance and support of our dojo and students. He is a true asset to Aikido and an ambassador for sharing this martial art around the world.

Partners/Affiliates/Friendship Dojos
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The bamboo grove | our current and most up to date information and posts from Kiryu Aikido

The dojo blog, “The Bamboo Grove,” features insights, news, articles, and thoughts on the many aspects of Aikido training over the past 12 years. Some content transfered to our new blog as well

Hombu Dojo
Kiryu Aikido tests through Hombu Dojo and follows its testing requirements.

Recommended Reading
“A Life in Aikido: The Biography of Founder Morihei Ueshiba,” Kisshomaru Ueshiba (translated by Kei Izawa)
Aikido Journal, edited by Stanley Pranin
“The Art of Peace,” Morihei Ueshiba (translated by John Stevens)
“Mastery,” George Leonard
“Progressive Aikido: The Essential Elements,” Moriteru Ueshiba
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